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It’s a well known fact that humans have a lot in common and so much in differences. I guess that’s why the world is such a fun place to be in.

For me in a general form, I have the things I like and enjoying doing or gadgets I find fun using it a particular brand that I prefer to another.


Two people from the same home of the same parents cannot be expected to feel the same way. Tobi may like iPhone, Ebuka may like Samsung. It’s called choice in English.

If I’m making a general statement, like a scale of who likes what to what, there’s truly every possibility to get a higher percentage in one to the other.

Actually, there are some times when the ratio to choice is higher at one side and none at another, then we’ll begin to consider why it’s like that.

For example the ratio of a broken iPhone screen to a good iPhone screen.

We will be getting a 0:100 that’s because people will always vote in favour of themselves no matter the circumstance.

1: Best camera phone
2: best friend
3: best luxury SUV
4: best TV series
5: best status
6: best romantic comedy
7: best queen songs
8: best quote about love
9: best of you
10: best James Bond movie


It’s a reasonable reality that a lot more would come out of it, but I’ll be concise with each answer as possible.

I’ll be relate all the above stated with my life story, not the whole but the section relating to the woman that means the world to me.

My best camera phone is the HTC Android phone because it was the HTC desire one I first used to take a picture of myself and my wife to be .

That picture has been to me an amazing source to hope and comfort. And on each picture I tagged her name on it.

It’s not about the picture, it’s about that moment, the feeling and the life we are going to live as one.

Best friend more than a friend, a wife, my joy and my love. My love, she’s more than just a woman, she gave me a place to stay, a place of joy. And whenever I’m with her or just thinking of her makes me happy.

Best luxury SUV is the Range Rover, I’m looking at a today model, 2019. I’m hoping to be in that SUV with her, to go places and see new things.

Best TV series is the Vikings, because it thought me slot about thinking out of my feelings and emotions, to be logical to humble myself to remain powerful. That had led me through in my relationship with my fiancee.

Best status is my fiancee’s recent status of me being her joy and love, I really appreciate her being proud of me, and it makes me very happy to have her as my wife.

Best romantic comedy is the one told by Kelvin Heart about him and his now wife. It’s funny because he said he stopped pretending to her as they got married. But in my case, I have chosen not to pretend at all to the woman of my life.

Best queen song is African Queen by 2face. My favorite part is where he said out of a million she stood out as one, that’s an amazing thing and I love that part.

Best quote about love was gotten from Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, I wouldn’t write it out yet, I want it to be heated by only my sweetheart.

Best quote about life the one that said something about our journey through life not being straight, but filled with lots of trials and temptations. The had kept me going in my relationship with my fiancee. More if trust and understanding.

Best of me is all that my fiancee has made me seen. She has opened a page in my life that has more than a thousand things to do. And I’m ready to achieve all of that with her in my life.

Best of James Bond movies is ‘the quantum of solace’ I have no idea why I should like the move, but it’s just the only one that the name sticks to my head.



Falling in love is not an easy task, because we are built with our differences and love is about learning, patience, trust, hope.

When you are far apart from each other, you can live in trust that each one is faithful and want only to be happy forever with each other.

I love her and the first day I saw her, my heart told Me I have met my wife, though we may argue, get angry, fight, but the truth is we are undergoing a process of balance and understanding.

When we finally achieve this then it will be happily ever after.


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