Best Questions To Ask

Best Questions To Ask about people and things.

How much would you do if you knew why you do what you do?

How well would you live if you knew why you are alive?

How hard would you strive if you knew why you need to strive?

The ‘Why’ question is the question that births the best question to ask, which is the question of purpose (why are you alive?) and as well open doors for other questions.

The why question demands strong reasons,gives direction, breeds motivations and implore assistance.

Purpose is the reason why you exists, that’s why it becomes a tragedy when one have no idea of why he or she is alive.

It’s like groping your way blindly in a broad day light, moving aimlessly, giving in to anything, even end up successfully doing the wrong thing thinking it’s right and easily swerved because of no aim in life.

The truth is, when you find your purpose, you’ll manifest God’s glory in your life.

Thus, the question, Why am I alive? is not a rhetorical question, its a question that everyone needs to answer.

So, why are you alive?


By: Joy Odokwo

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